Thursday, October 30, 2008

5 days to election '08, a rambling

I am not happy about the election this year. The last time I felt like this during election season was when Clinton first ran for the office. I am not happy with either of the two main candidates nor the parties they represent. To be honest I am a Regan Republican though I was to young to understand politics when he was president. There are 2 candidates that I would vote for. First is Charles Baldwin of the Constitution Party. Second is Alan Keyes who is running as an Independant under the America's Independant Party. Sadly, people know little about these or the other candidates.

Truthfully, I think our political system needs to be reformed. It wouldn't be the fist time in our short 235 year history that party reformb vc occurred. The Democrats have swayed so far to the socialist left, it is sickening. The Republicans are about in the middle now though they appear conservative compared to those on their left. Then you have true conservatives that base their beliefs on the old school republicans which is now considered extreme right wing. I am not sure where I stand politically but I do not see my self as a member of any current party.

When our founding fathers began the great journey of this nation, it was their belief to let the people lead. Those that are elected to office should see it as a privilege to serve the people and not personal gain. Being a representative of the people was a volunteer job for upstanding citizens of an area, it was not to be a lifetime career. Changing of the guard is very important over time, as ideals can be covered by a haze and your view may get blocked out all together.

There are many levels of politics in this country. Local, County, State and National. Holding one seat for an excessive amount of time is a mockery of the system. George Washington saw this and refused a third term. Unlimited terms in office must be stopped to provide a true representation of the people across the nation. Senate should be limited to 3 terms, that is 18 years or a child's entire lifetime. Representatives should be limited to 6 terms. That is a maximum of 12 years and would put them in a prime position to run for senate if so desired or return to civilian life. This should be at ALL levels of these seats, local, state and national. You could still make a career in politics but it would surely shake things up as they are now. One other thing I would change. If you held a seat for one district and your terms are up, you should not be able to run for office in another district simply by moving. Once you have served the designated amount of time, that is it.

The Electoral college is something else that must be changed in the way it functions. However, I am not positive on how to change that to work for the people. It would all work better if there were not conniving persons undermining the voting systems to begin with. WE have so much technology for fraud and identification, why can it not be put to use for elections? Point of interest, with all the hoohaw about the ballot counting in Florida and now the crap in Ohio, did they stop to relize they missed counting over 2/3rds of the military votes over the last several presidential elections? This is all the way back to the Clinton elections I believe. These are the men and women who HAVE put their country first. They risked their lives for our freedom but they cannot have THEIR vote count? If that is not wrong...

End of a rambling that I think turned into a rant. I must let my mind relax a bit as this is only a small part of life.

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