Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frugal Snack Idea

After hearing much about Obama's infomercial on the news I tried to watch part of it. Well, I only got through the first 5 min., but I did come away with a GREAT idea.

This idea is for the entire family. Create space for each family member to have a small box in the refrigerator (mom and dad can be together). This can be the door shelves or small boxes you make. Label each space for quick identification. Put snack foods for each person in the containers. Designate how long the snacks must last and that they will not get anymore until the next time frame (i.e. a week between shopping). This idea can help teach kids 1) how to make things last, 2) how to be frugal, and 3) responsibility.

I may just have to try this.

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