Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Predicting election results.

All the media could be accurate with their predictions however I really do not appreciate how they do it. There is a certain percentage at which you can get a relatively accurate average of the voting trend. HOWEVER, you also have to look at where the votes are coming from before taking that percentage averaged for granted. They also have a tendency to 'predict' states that are close then 'not predict' others that have a wider margin. Truly not fair.

Then, we have all the paper and provisional ballots that used today. Have those been counted? What about the military ballots that don't have time to get back for counting, is that fair?

I dream of a flip in most of the predictions that have been made and only a small percentage of the state has reported. But I also need to realize that is a dream. McCain camp has already said it is a long shot.

We need to look to the future and pray that the democrats and their super majority do not pass too many things that really mess us up. We need to pray that Biden is wrong about an inexperienced President will be tested. We need to pray for our children and our families as I fear we are in for a hard road. We need to pray for a future candidate that is for the people and not bigger government and who can hold up our Constitution and Declaration of Independance and know that they are not just words on pieces of paper but they are what this country must stand on for the people.

Now, who to look for and what has made me so serious about politics? I hate politics.


Anonymous said...

At least it's over.

Kristina said...

that is true