Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Memes

OK, doing these Memes has made me kinda want to start my own. This would certainly be better than discussing politics with the CRAP that is going on. Anyway, this is just a list of a variety of things I may have done or wanted/ want to do. Feel free to copy and add...

First one: What have you done?
1. milked a cow or goat
2. raised farm animals
3. collected fresh eggs
4. ridden a horse
5. ridden an animal other than a horse
6. ridden a motorcycle
7. gone on a cross country trip with no real destination
8. gone camping in a tent
9. gone camping in a trailer
10. swung into a pond on a rope swing
11. cooked a meal on an open fire
12. roasted marshmallows
13. made s'mores
14. eaten an entire pizza yourself (not personal size)
15. made bread bread from scratch
16. kneaded bread by hand
17. made mayonnaise
18. churned butter
19. baked a cake from scratch
20. made cookies from scratch
21. watched extended versions of all 3 Lord of the rings in a row
22. gotten a speeding ticket
23. made a snow fort
24. made a snow angel
25. been in a snowball fight
26. sled down a hill on a homemade sled
27. shaped a piece of pottery
28. been a brides maid
29. been a maid of honor
30. made all the food for a large party
31. driven a tractor
32. rode in a horse drawn buggy or wagon
33. watched the sun rise at the beach
34. watched the sunset at the beach
35. watched a lunar eclipse
36. watched a solar eclipse
37. wished on a shooting star
38. hiked a mountain
39. broken a bone
40. had a kidney stone
42. won a prize
43. given birth with little or no pain relief
44. gone for a long bike ride
45. flown a kite
46. jumped off a high diving board
47. worn a bikini
48. marched in a parade
49. built a float for a parade
50. been in a play or musical
51. repaired a broken pipe
52. built a fence
53. planted a garden
54. caught snowflakes on your tonge
55. walked barefoot in the sand
56. pet a dolphin
57. pet an elephant
58. written a song
59. taken a class on-line
60. picked wild fruit

Enjoy and I hope to see what others select/add

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