Thursday, January 22, 2009

A new year and a new president

I haven't been here much but that is due to holidays, illnesses and just life happening. It is a new year and we are off to a running start down the road to tomorrow. The road still has many turns and forks ahead but we are moving ahead.

We have a new President, as my past postings indicated from November. He was sworn in this week. His celebrity production of the DNC acceptance speech was continued. The only part he didn't have teleprompters for he flubbed (DH said they had to do it later in private... without a bible). He apparently also kicked out the AP photographers so he could release his own 'private' pictures. He has become a celebrity. A quote from Wikipedia:
Washington attended carefully to the pomp and ceremony of office, making sure that the titles and trappings were suitably republican and never emulated European royal courts. To that end, he preferred the title "Mr. President" to the more majestic names suggested.

All the media talked about was how he over came his race and how far we as a country have come to "over come" discrimination and yadda. Well, I hate to tell them this but it is time that race is completely dropped. I understand keeping laws to keep people from discriminating based on skin color but we are discriminating when one person is chosen over another solely based on race because of government requirements(?). The media (majority liberal) made this election about race. The man isn't even a "natural born" citizen... there goes the constitution.

We are now very vulnerable to the world. His not so apparent policies on our current foreign issues. His stance with Israel (why do you think they started the thing with Gaza before this week. His and the liberal views on illeagals. We are at risk and our children are at risk. Those in school are at the mercy of their teachers and the textbooks. The NEA is liberal, very left. They are rewriting out history as we speak.

I know many on the right refer to Reagan as King and such. But that was because he was a down to earth man that wanted what was best for this country. Wanted us to be proud of who we are and do for our selves. Teach people to do for them selves. Not have the govenment hand outs that tell people you don't need to do, we will do it for you that the liberals want. Reagan was a hollywood celebrity long before he was elected to the high office. He did NOT make the Presidency into that status. Neither did the Bush's. So happens they all had rances and actually did work on them even while in office. Maybe it was to remind them of real life? Well, most liberals have nothing but the strive for a higher office. They have no real life and do not know what real life is. We are lucky if they rememer where they came from before college or political careers.

Ok, my ramblings are getting long and the little ones are awake, time for my real life...

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